On Caseine, you can find

  • courses in Operations Research, Computer Science and Algorithmics (mainly Python, Java, C), Numerical Analysis, Probability and statistics, Advanced computer science (design pattern...),
  • cases studies that use skills in those fields,
  • programming activities and tests to train or evaluate a skill.


Avatar Hadrien CambazardAvatar Nicolas CatusseAvatar Nadia BraunerAvatar Fabrice Ménard
Hadrien Cambazard
(leader, Java + OR)
Nicolas Catusse
(leader, Java + OR)
Nadia Brauner
(leader, OR)
Fabrice Ménard
(pedagogical engineer)
Avatar Aurélie LagoutteAvatar Pierre LemaireAvatar Bernard PenzAvatar Julie Peyre
Aurélie Lagoutte
Pierre Lemaire
Bernard Penz
Julie Peyre
Avatar Anne-Laure LadierAvatar Christophe Saint MarcelDenis B. (déc 2016)Avatar Céline Fouard
Anne-Laure Ladier
Christophe Saint-Marcel
(Design Pattern)
Denis Bouhineau
Céline Fouard
(Language for the Web)

Caseine was founded by Hadrien Cambazard, Nicolas Catusse and Anne-Laure Ladier in 2013. They were at that time, teaching at the Industrial Engineering school in Grenoble. It was supported first by Grenoble-INP, then also by Université Grenoble-Alpes in 2016.


  • Clémence Barbier, L3 Math-Info, 2016
  • Quentin Macé, Polytech'RICM 4, 2016
  • Apsatou dite Doudou, L3 Math-Info, 2017
  • Elisa Lacot, L1 Math Physique, 2017


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