On Caseine, you can find

  • courses in Operations Research, Computer Science and Algorithmics (mainly Python, Java, C), Numerical Analysis, Probability and statistics, Advanced computer science (design pattern...),
  • cases studies that use skills in those fields,
  • programming activities and tests to train or evaluate a skill.


Avatar Hadrien CambazardAvatar Nicolas CatusseAvatar Nadia BraunerAvatar Fabrice Ménard
Hadrien Cambazard
(leader, Java + OR)
Nicolas Catusse
(leader, Java + OR)
Nadia Brauner
(leader, OR)
Fabrice Ménard
(pedagogical engineer)
Avatar Aurélie LagoutteAvatar Pierre LemaireAvatar Bernard PenzAvatar Julie Peyre
Aurélie Lagoutte
Pierre Lemaire
Bernard Penz
Julie Peyre
Avatar Anne-Laure LadierAvatar Christophe Saint MarcelDenis B. (déc 2016)Avatar Céline Fouard
Anne-Laure Ladier
Christophe Saint-Marcel
(Design Pattern)
Denis Bouhineau
Céline Fouard
(Language for the Web)
Avatar Florent PaccaletAvatar  Elise ArnaudDenis B. (déc 2016)Astor B.
Florent Paccalet
Élise Arnaud
Florent Bouchez Tichadou
Astor Bizard
(IT engineer)

Caseine was founded by Hadrien Cambazard, Nicolas Catusse and Anne-Laure Ladier in 2013. They were at that time, teaching at the Industrial Engineering school in Grenoble. It was supported first by Grenoble-INP, then also by Université Grenoble-Alpes in 2016.


  • Clémence Barbier, L3 Math-Info, 2016
  • Quentin Macé, Polytech'RICM 4, 2016
  • Apsatou dite Doudou, L3 Math-Info, 2017
  • Elisa Lacot, L1 Math Physique, 2017
  • Yee Lee, L3 Miage, 2018
  • Quentin Fombaron, Polytech'RICM 4, 2018


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