To do at home :

  1. Watch the videos of the "Solid Modelling" topic and practice on your own models
  2. Download the models stored in the folder "3D model". The folder contains 5 parts (Chassis.stp ; Stepped_shaft.stp ; Level.stp ; Piston.stp ; Eccentric.stp) and 1 assembly (Sander.stp).
  3. After opening any part with Creo, you will notice that the .stp (STEP) file is a geometry that is not editable and that the design tree of the model is not available too. It is normal since you will have to create the native 3D model for each part.
  4. For each part, open the STEP file that you have downloaded from the "3D model" folder and reproduce it by using Creo Parametric. No technical drawings are provided, you shall use the measuring tools to get all geometrical information you need.
At the end of this assignment, you should have the five 3D models ready to be assembled.

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